Wraps off McHale mowers

At next week’s Irish Ploughing Championship McHale will be showing its latest product range, a rear and front mounted mower conditioner. Named the Pro Glide R3100 and F3100, the new line-up has been developed over the last four years by McHale.

The 3.1m cut mower beds are bought in from a European supplier but the rest of the design is all McHale. The front mounted unit has 500mm of in-work movement and thanks to a clever cam mechanism the load on the double spring suspension is maintained throughout through-out this working range. A double pin pivot also permits 17 degrees of lateral movement.

The spring suspension system is also said to alter the cutterbar angle upwards as it travels over bumps and downwards when going into a dip to maintain the cutting height. The mower has over 600mm of clearance when raised.

Drive to the conditioner is through a gearbox with a lever used to select 700 or 1,000rpm. The conditioning tines are semi-free swinging steel tines.

The suspension system for the R3100 rear mower conditioner is positioned at the central pivot point above the bed also acts as a form of bed protection system, although there is still a mechanical break back for more substantial obstacles. The springs on the Pro Glide allow the mower to move up and back in an arc over obstacles.

Ground pressure is set hydraulically and shown on the pressure gauge located on the headstock. The cutterbar and conditioner are the same as the front unit. For transport the mower folds vertically over centre to 110 degrees. There is also the option to add weights to the left side of the headstock to counterbalance the offset working position, making the mower safer on hilly terrain.

Wraps off McHale mowers

Wraps off McHale mowers

Thursday, 17 September 2015

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