Grimme upgrades for harvesters

A pneumatic stone and clod separation system is among the changes Grimme is making to its two-row and self-propelled potato harvesters for the 2015 lifting campaign. Air Sep has been tested on SV260 and SE260 offset trailed harvesters and uses air flow to help separate stones, wet clods and haulm during harvesting.

Another new feature is Comfort Drive is said to reduce sway on harvesters fitted with large wheels, allowing harvesting speed to be increased by as much as 30%. This is available as an option on the Varitron 200 and 270 self propelleds as well as the SV260 trailed bunker harvester.

For four-row harvesters there is Vario Drive which gives more precise control of the first mechanical web by providing stepless adjustment on mechanical and hydraulically powered webs.

Grimme upgrades for harvesters

Friday, 18 September 2015

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