LAMMA 17: Stealthy subsoiler

A low disturbance He-Va subsoiler seeding package took centre stage on the Opico stand.

The new rig has a series of features that aid in minimising surface disruption and maximising seed germination rates. Up front plain discs eliminate the bow-wave of soil that can be thrown up by the legs. The additional benefit of an opening disc is that it will cut through crop residues, enabling the subsoiler to work in trashier, damper conditions.

The legs are 15mm wide (rather than the standard 25mm) and made from higher grade steel, the slimmer design helps to further reduce the amount of soil thrown up and accommodate a fresh design of tungsten-tipped points and shallower-pitched wings.

These features are claimed to reduce the draft/power requirement of the subsoiler by almost half.

Following directly behind, V-Profile roller rings flank the channel opened by each leg. Double disc coulters work to the rear this, placing seed in the narrow strip of tilth. A twin-hopper metering unit supplies these with seed and another set of outlets further forward with pellets or granules.

Available in trailed and mounted formats from 3.0m to 7.0m, prices for the low disturbance He-Va subsoiler start from £16,858. The low disturbance legs and points can also be retro-fitted to existing He-Va subsoilers.

LAMMA 17: Stealthy subsoiler

Thursday, 26 January 2017

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