Kioti PX picks up power

Kioti UK has now launched the revised PX tractor series and with it hopes to tempt new agricultural customers looking for a powerful but compact and agile tractor. The new models look pretty similar to the outgoing 90hp PX9020 model, but in place of the existing tractor's Perkins engine is a four-cylinder 3.4-litre Doosan motor. Fully compliant with Stage IV, the new models all draw fuel from a 120 litre tank and require AdBlue.

The range has also expanded to include three models, the PX9530 PC, PX1053 PC and PX1153 PC, with respective nominal power outputs of 93hp, 103hp and 110hp. The PC element of the name, incidentally, refers to all models having a Power Clutch on the transmission shift lever, doing away with the need for the clutch pedal when swapping ratios. Standard UK specification includes a 32x32 speed transmission, complete with a three-split powershift. Rear lift capacity climbs from the 2,900kg on the outgoing PX9020 to 3,600kg on all three new models, with hydraulic flow listed at 74 litres/min.

Up in the cab, an air suspended seat, radio and air-con are standard, along with an adjustable steering column. Add comprehensive work lights and a reverse warning alarm and the outline spec of these new models is certainly generous. Fitted with portal front axles, Kioti quotes a minimum turn radius of around 3.90m with brakes. Even without brakes, the tractor should prove an agile performer.

Smaller Kioti models also see changes

As to other tractor models, Kioti has replaced the RX 20 series with the new 30 series. Made up of the RX6030 PC, RX6630 PC and RX7330 PC, these tractors have respective outputs of 60hp, 66hp and 73hp, and are offered with a choice of either mechanical or full hydraulic powershuttle. Popular as a scraper tractor on UK dairy units, the new models also have Stage IV compliant power units, these being made in-house by Kioti.

The particulate filter on these new RX tractors has an automated cleaning system. When the filter needs to regenerate, a light appears on the dash. The operator can continue working but, instead of turning off when work is finished, the tractor can be left running in auto clean mode to clear the filter with no need to remain sitting on the tractor. In outline, the tractor will run at a fast tick over for between 10 to 16 minutes, then run at full engine speeds for up to 15 minutes and then drop back to idle for up to 15 minutes to cool. After the process has completed, the engine can be turned off manually.

“Meeting Stage IV emission regulations means we have no option other than running a DPF filter,” says Patrick Desmond of Kioti UK. “With the RX tractor, we have a DPF regeneration system that can be left to clear the filter automatically, allowing the operator to do something else. Of course working the tractor hard enough to clear the filter without this process is a better alternative, but realistically all yard tractors tend to have periods where they just do not get hot enough for this to happen. This system will be a real boon for users of this type of tractor.”

The new PX series 3 will become available in the UK from the end of 2016, with retail prices starting at £49,200 for the PX9030. The RX series are priced from £31,150 for ROPS tractors, cab models starting at £36,195.

Kioti PX picks up power

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

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