CNH unveil autonomous concept

At this year’s Farm Progress Show, CNH Industrial is grabbing global headlines with its autonomous tractor concept. There are two versions on show. The New Holland version is based on a standard T8 with extra electronics so the tractor can be operated conventionally or sent on its way without an operator at the helm.

The Case IH version is based on a Magnum and the most striking feature is the lack of a cab, instead snazzy curved panels replace the operator platform.

CNH worked with Utah based ASI (Autonomous Solutions Incorporated) and both versions of the project use a combination of radar, LIDAR (light, imaging, detection and ranging), video cameras allowing the vehicle to sense static and moving obstacles. The tractor will also come to a stop if it loses GPS signal.

“In many parts of the world, finding skilled labor during peak use seasons is a constant challenge for our customers,” says Andreas Klauser, Case IH brand president. “While we offer auto-steering and telematics on our equipment today for remote management of farm machinery and employees, this autonomous tractor concept demonstrates how our customers and their employees could remotely monitor and control machines directly. This technology will offer our customers greater operational efficiencies for tasks such as tillage, planting, spraying and harvesting.”

At the moment this is still at the concept stage and no doubt other manufactures have the go. John Deere already markets  its iTec Pro system automating headland turns and Fendt has shown an autonomous slave tractor concept.

CNH unveil autonomous concept

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

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