Ovlac changes position

Last year Devon-based Halse of Honiton took over the distribution of Ovlac ploughs and cultivators from RECO which has now ceased trading. Cereals provided the first public airing of a new depth wheel for the Spanish firm’s mounted ploughs.

Now positioned on the beam forward of the last body it runs inboard of the final landside allowing the plough to work right up to the field boundary without the wheel encountering obstacles. Although positioning the depth wheel right at the rear end of the plough is considered the best way of obtaining the optimum draft response, having it further forward means weight transfer to the tractor is improved, according to Halse.

With a 78cm under-beam clearance, the five-furrow model on display at Cereals has a £17,975 price tag complete with hydraulic vary-width and auto-reset obstacle protection.

Ovlac changes position

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

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