Valtra shifts up to N4

Hoping to build on the success of the T4 introduction, Valtra has now turned its attention to the larger four-cylinder tractors and launching the N4 series. Valtra says the N104-N174 are ‘new’ from the ground up although they do get the cab from their six-pot stablemates, which is no bad thing along with a host of options.

Like most tractor introductions it coincides with meeting the latest exhaust emission regs, and the N4 hits the Stage IV goal with a combination of SCR and DOC. The 105hp, 115hp and 125hp use a 4.4 litre AGCO Power motor while the 135hp, 155hp and 165hp models have a 4.9 litre block – with the most powerful model boosting to 185hp.

The N4 also marks the return of Eco power models to the four-cylinder tractor range with the N114E and N154E. These have switchable engine maps which can provide fuel savings when the faster engine speed is not required.

Servicing has been increased to 600 hours and Valtra is making a bit of a thing about the engine air coming from the stack by the cab A-pillar. Positioned higher up the air should be cleaner and this means all of the air being pulled through the bonnet mesh is used by the cooling pack. A reversible fan does appear on the options list.

All of the N4 tractors are offered in HiTech guise which means the oil flow for the five-speed semi-powershift transmission and open centre 73- or 90l/min hydraulics is shared. HiTech differences in the cab include mechanical governed spools and a simpler armrest control.

The Active, Versu and Direct transmission tractors have their oil separate to the hydraulics which is a load sensing unit with the largest pump option being 200l/min. These tractors have the multi-function armrest which is shared with the T4 models and features an electronic cross controller for the hydraulics – particularly useful when operating a loader or front linkage which is why HiTech owners can upgrade to it. Max spool count is six at the rear and four up front.

Max lift capacity of the rear linkage is 78kN and 35kN for the front. At the rear a maximum of three pto speeds are available including a ground speed option.

Just like the T4 tractors the N4 get a number of useful features such as hill hold when setting off, a turbo clutch and system which increases engine speed from idle if there is sufficient demand from a hydraulic remote.

The smaller N3 tractors will continue in production for another two years, while the larger N3 models will be offered alongside their successor N4 models until around May next year when the allocation of Stage IIIB engines are used up.

Valtra shifts up to N4

Thursday, 8 October 2015

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