Torro Combiline gets unveiled

The new Pöttinger Torro Combiline had come direct from a demo in Denmark to be at the Irish Ploughing. There will be two models, the 6010 and 6510 with capacities of up to 36.5m3.

Main changes include a new wider pick-up with six rows of tines. The chopping unit has double sided knives and the removal procedure has been made more user friendly. There are now 45 knives instead of 39 knives as fitted to the older Torro models with a theoretical chop length of 34mm.

The body is also wider with the floor sloped at the front to reduce the power requirement of the 800mm diameter rotor. Tyre options have increased with bigger 800/45 R26.5 rubber now appearing on the options list.

Torro Combiline gets unveiled

Sunday, 27 September 2015

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